Vivibilità urbana. La ricerca a Copenhagen di Gehl architects.

Cities for People

Over the coming weeks we will be featuring a series of topic-based video clips inspired by our recent involvement in Andreas M. Dalsgaard’s documentary ‘The Human Scale’.  The first two clips, entitled ‘Human dimension in planning’ and ’Making life visible’ launch what we hope will be a heated debate on how we plan our cities.  We’re looking to get your opinions and are very much looking forward to reading and commenting on your thoughts.

In the first video short, Gehl CEO Helle Søholt discusses some of the problems facing cities today, and how a human centered approach to planning and design can address some of these issues. The video shorts are a ‘taster’ to the upcoming documentary film inspired by the work of Jan Gehl and Gehl Architects entitled ‘ The Human Scale’.

In the second video short, Founding Partner Jan Gehl discusses how the systematic observation of people can…

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My Playground: silenziose relazioni tra uomini e superfici urbane.

What’s fascinating is the way of transforming the city because you can’t change it physically,
you can’t go and move the light post or the staircase,
but you can change the way you are looking at it and the way you use it and in that way make it your own.

Signe Højbjerreh Larsen – Team Jiyo

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City talks. Torino, Copenhagen, Innsbruck

City Talks, città che si presentano e discutono sulle politiche di trasformazione urbana e sociale in un reciproco scambio di saperi per contribuire ad una conoscenza dei territori urbani del ventunesimo secolo.
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